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Witchcraft & Wizardry Opens May 12th!

Written by Nuka Heartsong

There’s always an exciting buzz around the grid when a new event appears on the horizon. When that event involves the words ‘witchcraft’ and “wizardry’ you can ramp that excitement up a notch or three.

The magic and wonder of a world most of us would love to be a part of, in an environment like Second Life allows us to indulge in a half-life version of it, where the only bounds we face are those of our imagination. And the occasional “region is full” message many events incur at the start for that added touch of frustration.

Thanks to the team at Panache Events, this is what’s coming our way. With less than a week to go before the opening day, I managed to steal some time from event Founder Dylan Dethly which was no mean feat given the schedule he keeps.

Panache is, as many things are in SL, a family affair, the ownership of which is formed by Dylan and SL sister June Fallon and might be recognised for events such as KPop United from 2020 and 2021, as well as quarterly main store sales event Farmers Market (second round starts later this month - keep an eagle eye out for advertisements).

Witchcraft & Wizardry, however, is a solo endeavor, although we’ll see Panache in force for promotions and organization of the event both in world, and out in mainstream social media.

Add to the team Taylor Wassep (SL brother), Luna (jaylasmith Catlyn - friend), Minnie (MinnieFae - SL sister) and Hayden Rowley (SL son) and you begin to get a sense of how complex organising such an event can be. From fleshing out the event build concept, to researching the magical creatures that are currently available in SL, seeing the build concept through to creation and building stages to the promotions of the event, it’s definitely more than a one man show.

So what can we expect, exactly, from this event? According to the released information, inspiration has come from the Fantastic Beasts film series. Witchcraft and Wizardry is designed as a brand new, one time sales event that celebrates fantasy and magic. From magical creatures, to time period decor, treats and all the clothing and accessories our wannabe witches and wizards could want, there will be exclusive releases along with a special event sale item for under 75L$.

When asked whether we can expect this to be an ongoing event, Dylan said planning was for this event to coincide with the release of the third installment of the Fantastic Beasts film series, ‘The Secrets of Dumbledore’. “If they decide to do another movie, perhaps I will revisit this event,” he continued. In all likelihood, for the moment it is like to remain a one time event however.

The event kicks off this Thursday, 12 May and runs through to 5 June so there is plenty of time to get your magic on and visit what promises to be an amazing build.

An over-achiever, as many people on the events scene seem to be, Dylan has his fingers in more pies than just the Witchcraft and Wizardry event, and puts the planning bug down to boredom when there is nothing better to do. At the same time as the build for this event was under way, the Asian Pacific Heritage Festival opened on May 1st, and the Summer Round of the Farmers Market will open later this month on the 26th.

One event is a full schedule’s worth of organizing by itself, but when you have three in the same month, you have to wonder if you are looking at redefining the definition of crazy. The key to any success, Dylan says, is to make sure you look at the current event offerings and try to find gaps in what is currently being offered.

Indeed, he suggested the event scene in Second Life is already well filled with traditional and sales events, but in Second Life there is always room for something new and innovative. Make your value proposition stand out from the rest, and if you put the work in with the right team, you can achieve magic yourself!

I ended the time with Dylan by asking him for some insight to himself, although I was not really surprised by the answer he gave. Choosing from anyone in history, personal or general, he opted for a final meal with his Nana who was instrumental in raising him. “I know the certainty of death is part of living, but I also feel like one of the worst things in life is always having to miss someone because they’re gone.”

We hope to see you at this magical event, make sure you bring your sense of mischief and fun, as it’s sure to bring the wonder of SL to the forefront of your mind when you visit.

Make sure you jump on the Panache Events SL Facebook Page if you haven’t already, to stay informed of future events

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