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Cozy Vibes & Good Times: Eleventh House

Written & Photography by Bunni OwO

When you first arrive at the landing point of Eleventh House, it almost feels a little bit like going to summer camp. The wooden dock on which you stand stretches across a rocky creek and mossy rocks leading to a misty wooded path.

A weathered wooden sign points the way up a winding woodland path filled with lush plants and towering pines. At the top of the hill the path splits, but if you veer to the left you’ll eventually stumble upon the Eleventh House’s main entrance, the coffee shop.

It was here at the coffee shop where I got a chance to meet the founders of Eleventh House, Harlow Holiday, Harvey Holiday, and Aria Christen and sit down to talk a little bit about Eleventh House and how it got started.

Bun: Tell me a little bit about how you guys came together and decided to create this gorgeous space.

Harlow: “Aria and I have decorated together on various projects & events for years. It only seemed natural for us to continue that "tradition" with Eleventh House. Harvey fit in so perfectly with the design elements as he does a lot of performance & behind the scenes things for the sim to help keep it operating perfectly. So the balance and combo of the three of us worked really nicely. I wanted to re-brand Burrow & both Aria and Harvey jumped on board with the concept/idea. We make a really great team honestly. ”

Bun: I’ll say! I’ve heard of the Burrow, but I don’t think I ever visited. Could you tell me a little bit about why you guys decided to transition?

Harlow: “Burrow was around from 2009 until just the end of this past year. Formerly The Pixel Bean Coffeehouse, then Burrow. and well...that evolved into Eleventh House I guess.”

At this point, Harvey chimed in with an array of screenshots of the building process that is the massive space that became Eleventh House’s main building. With so many spaces covered floor to ceiling with more detail than one thought you could fit in such a small space, there are literally endless details built into this multi floor structure.

With every room having its own theme, you’d think the whole thing would be a massive mess of a build, but Eleventh house seems to flow together like a perfectly constructed work of art, surrounding you in a comforting, cozy lived in space from the second you step into the coffee shop. The perfect place to grab a cup of coffee and spend the morning with a friend.

Bun: So why the name “Eleventh house?” Any specific meaning in that?

Harlow: “It's based off an astrology term. There are the 12 houses of astrology. The eleventh house is the "house of friends" essentially. We found it to be fitting for our goal of creating a safe & welcoming community space.”

And it seems that there’s a place for just about everyone to find a cozy place to relax, with a different design around every corner of this sprawling display of a decorator’s dream. With individually placed tiles, and beautiful prints it’s unmistakable that Eleventh House is truly something unique. The kind of magic that can really only be captured when you build something beautiful with your friends.

Bun: It seems like you guys put a lot of thought into this space. Will you tell me a little bit about what that process looked like for you guys?

Aria: “Hahaha. Welllll. We were high most of it.”

Harlow: “Omg!”

Harvey: “Well they were high, I chaperoned”

Aria: “I think we wanted lots of magic/quirky vibes throughout. I don’t think we ever planned for certain rooms to be certain ones, it just kind of happened that way? Which I actually like.”

Harlow: “Honestly it was so random and quick”

Aria: “The best part is we had a lot of fun through the entire progression of it. I think what I love about this spot for us...there's room for almost anyone. And everyone has a favorite room.”

Harlow: “We really had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs. I was actually sad when we were finished, as excited as I was to open.”

As of April 11th, Eleventh House has opened its doors to the public offering not only a photographer friendly hangout spot for creatives and anyone seeking some cozy vibes, but membership to the group grants full access to the sim regularly, rez rights, and a calendar of social & music events, with the goal of having bigger events a few times a month. The sim is scattered with activities including game tables, a wall of chatbox games, and a campfire circle. To top it all off, there’s a super active Discord server to join and make friends with regular questions of the day, photo drops from other creatives and more. Full access to Eleventh House does require at least one group space, and a L$500 group fee but is well worth it if you’re looking for a new cozy place to relax and churn out that blog post. The Discord however is free to join, and there are sure to be public access events in the coming future!

Bun: So what can we look forward to in the future with Eleventh House?

Harlow: “Late May we will have Faye Hexem DJing some alternative music and then in June we have a Disney themed event with Anubis Darkwatch which will be a full Disney costume event. Everyone can come as their favorite Disney characters. And we typically throw a prom, but that may be later this year, some time in the Summer.”

With so much in store for the future, Eleventh House is for sure going to be high up on my list of places to stop in when I’m looking for some cozy vibes and a good time.

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